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To confirm your reservation, we will call you back within 30 minutes
Opening hours: from 11:00 to 2:00 (or until the last guest)

    Saint-Petersburg, Chaikovskogo street, 57 (812) 272-68-16; 8(965) 797-57-90


    “Dear Guest, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure.”

    This´s what was written on the door of Epicurus school and it reflects our ideas about Grand Café FRIDA.

    We keep our more than ten years old traditions and together with our guests bring to artistic perfection tea, coffee hookah and vegetarian cuisine.

    This way we create a unique space where you´ll be able to feel pleasure, think or just spend time with your dear people.


    British scientists calculated that Energy of Kindness in Grand Café Frida is equal to 1000 kilojoules.

    While you are smoking hookah in Grand Café FRIDA 51 Fridas are watching you from every side with 102 eyes and 51 eyebrows.

    About 1000 hookah are smoked in Grand Café FRIDA every month and if we collect all that smoke and then breath it out to the ocean the wave will reach Siberia.

    Every year in Grand Café FRIDA we serve more than 7000 coffees in jezve, which would be enough jezves for a small Turkish district in St. Petersburg.

    Every time you hear a gun shot from St. Peter and St. Paul Fortress in Grand Café FRIDA appears a new home dish.

    The responsible for taste

    Sasha Riazanov
    Hookah master – barista

    The best barista of our chain. Sasha always guesses about the mood of our guests and makes perfect combination of coffee and hookah tastes.

    Anna Pogorelova
    Meeting person

    Bright smiley hostess of “Frida” that will give to every guest the filling of care and coziness.

    Shohruh Mirzaev
    Chief cook

    Talented cook. He is sunny eastern heart of our kitchen. Passionate by nature Shoh cooks with love and all his energy every dish.

    • It’s very tasty and heartful here. It’s the place where you can hide from the busy city life and relax in cozy atmosphere. Nice staff and interesting interior!
      Ludmila Markova
    • The coffee is ready. But in spite of enjoying it we spent 10 minutes taking different pictures. My coffee with lemon peals was made by ancient recipe in jezve.
      Eva Kalashnik
    • Uniqueness characterizes as Frida herself as café dedicated to her. Unforgettable atmosphere is created by the combination of interior, music and wonderful people that work here. I have great feeling about it and wish to came back!
      Svetlana Jikaeva
    • Now we have a new tradition, every time we come to St. Petersburg we visit this wonderful café. Apple Crumble is heavenlike!)))
      Natasha Bugaeva
    • We fell in love with your café! Stylish, cozy and very tasty. Especially we would like to note your wonderful staff! Now I know where should I bring the guests of the city – not to The Hermitage! : ))
      Patricia Koshman


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    (812) 272-68-16 or 8 (965) 797-57-90